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Apply to be a Research Assistant

We welcome inquiries from highly motivated and passionate undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in working with us. We take an interdisciplinary approach to research; thus, students interested in joining the lab typically have diverse backgrounds including (but not limited to) computer science, human computer interaction, art, design, sociology, anthropology, and psychology. Possible arrangements include doing independent studies for coursework credit or paid positions (as available). If you are interested in joining the lab, please submit a Research Assistant Application.

Be Our Collaborator

We love to meet professionals from industry and academia who are working on developing and studying systems that relate to areas such as education, community empowerment, and civic engagement. Opportunities are available to be research collaborators, guest speakers in brown bag lunches, and guest lecturers for classes.

If you’d like to collaborate or visit, email the directors of the lab, Dr. Sheena Erete and Dr. Denise Nacu directly.

Enroll in Related Classes and Programs

There are a number of programs and courses at DePaul’s College of Computing and Digital Media that allow for deeper study into areas related to our work. Those interested in joining these programs, should apply to one of the following:

An interdisciplinary, hands-on program that integrates creative and technical disciplines such as graphic design, human-computer interaction…

This Program prepares students to ideate, design, implement and evaluate information and communication technologies (ICTs) so they are useful…

An interdisciplinary program that prepares future experience designers by providing a foundation in design methods, research, and collaboration. 

This program prepares graduates to analyze, create and evaluate artifacts and/or socio-technical systems, where emphasis is placed on the dissemination…

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